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Winter Running Fashion

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As the temperature drops, ensure your comfort and performance with the best in technical running wear.


Exercise gurus from yesteryear assailed wintery trails with the same passion as today’s fitness fanatics. While their motivation and devotion may have been on par, their attire was, for sure and certain, not so. 


Is Triathlon Destined for the Winter Olympics?

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Canadian race organizers launch new snow and ice race format 


If you need triathlon 12 months a year but cold weather puts a damper on your race plans, a new winter triathlon format might just keep you in the tri-zone.

Described as the birth of the next Olympic sport — the world’s first ITU sanctioned, elite level triathlon composed exclusively of three winter sports debuted in March in Quebec City. More than 175 men and women competed on the Plains of Abraham, racing 5K showshoeing, 12K speedskating and 8K of cross country skiing.

With 3,000 spectators lining the historic battlefield in Quebec City, Slovakian Dusan Simocko was crowned the event’s first champion in one hour, 4:33, followed closely by Canadian Marc-Andre Bedard. Both are biathletes with Olympic pedigree. Quebeccer Annie Gervais was the women’s winner in 1:14.44

“I think we just witnessed history in an historical place on the Plains of Abraham, says race director Francois Calletta. “There were thousands of people watching incredible performances. We had a Slovakian first, a Canadian second and a Russian (Pavel Andreev) third. It’s a dream podium.”

ITU delegates met in Quebec and will take forward plans to expand this format in Europe. Delegates from Finland, France, Russia and the United States supported the move forward. Calletta is in contact with race directors in other parts of Canada to stage more domestic races next year. 

“In three to five years we’ll look to get a World Cup series and a world championship in place, then ultimately the Olympics,” says Calletta. “That would be the dream.”

Laureen Barnett, secretary general of the International Triathlon Union, says the event was “a first big step to becoming an Olympic sport. Though snowshoeing isn’t in the Olympics, it fits so nicely with the skating and skiing. And with the first two male finishers both being Olympians, it opens the door for a fresh new approach to winter sport.”

The ITU has long staged triathlons in winter, mostly in Europe, but comprised of sports more associated with warm weather races, such as running and biking then adding cross country skiing. The circuit has been floundering.

As the Quebec race built in the stadium atmosphere, there was a feast of activity
for spectators with snowshoers finishing their run, skaters touring the 450-metre oval and the leaders strapping on cross country skis in front of the grandstand — all at the same time.  

Jay Morrison, brother of Olympic champion speedskater Denny Morrison, competed in the elite field. 

“The popularity of triathlon is growing all the time and it’s already huge,” says the speedskater from Fort St. John, B.C. “This format is very exciting and I think people will take to it. It seems almost an obvious choice to extend what triathlon already is.”

Bedard, 28, raced in front of friends and family and says the custom built urban setting for the racecourse was key to event’s success.

“These are three of my favourite winter sports and to bring them together and show you can put on an event like this in a big city opens doors for other countries to host races,” says Bedard. “Honestly, I think there is a really bright future and hopefully it’s an Olympic future.” 

Simocko says the event put unique stresses on the athletes’ bodies, particularly during the transition from speed skating to skiing. “Coming off 12 kilometres of speed skating, my back was hurting,” says Simocko. “That was the hardest part of the race.” 

Family Puts Fitness First

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Zamzows Tackle New Challenges Every Day to Stay Healthy


Fitness is a family affair in the Zamzow household: from cross-country ski races to mountain biking and heli-hiking.


Tearing Off His Mask

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Argo Football Star Shea Emry Leading Fight Against Depression


Because he's a linebacker with the Toronto Argonauts, Shea Emry wears a facemask when he's on the job. But it's the mask that he hid his depression behind that is prompting him to speak out.


Princess of the Lakes

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Diminuitive Teen's Epic Marathon Swims Raise $400,000 for Kids Camp


There was a time not too long ago when Annaleise Carr used to cry at the thought of swimming in open water.


Gil's Time for Gold

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Speedskater Gilmore junio gave up his spot on the start line in the Olympic 1,000 metres in favour of more experienced teammate Denny Morrison. Nobody cheered louder than junio that day in sochi as Morrison won silver.
Canadians, indeed People around the world, celebrated junio’s selfless act, but now this world cup champion is setting his sights on an Olympic medal of his own.


It was a moment that stole the nation’s heart: an athlete’s selfless act of giving up his spot on the Olympic start line in favour of his teammate. And for speedskater Gilmore Junio, it was the simplest choice.