Musical Motivation

Running to a Beat


Music has great power to motivate you beyond your limits, especially when you play your favourite songs. Your mental focus can increase dramatically and your workouts can become a seamless flow of energy.

It is not difficult to adapt running drills to your songs. It only requires a little more attention to detail. Notice the beat, chorus and words. Become aware of how the music builds up and down with intensity. Once you do this, it is easy to create drills to go with your songs, as shown here:

1. Chorus Cues: These are the higher energy points of songs that repeat and work well with intervals of deeper intensity. As the music builds up, use this as your guide to add more speed and/or incline. Some songs have several echelons of musical intensity in the chorus, or obvious transitions leading into it. Follow them and add as many interval changes that feel appropriate. Once the chorus is done, return to your base level.

2. Fluctuating Intensity:
Many songs build up and down in speed, tempo and beat. Be creative and follow the shifting intensity with your speed and/or incline. This is a sure way to stay in tune with your workout.

3. Cue Words: Use repetitive words and phrases in songs to cue interval changes. Every time you hear specific words repeated, add a blast of speed and/or incline. This is a fun drill to do!

4. Feel the Beat: Songs with an ongoing beat are excellent for longer intervals. Use the beat to carry you through the entire song at the same speed or incline. For an extra challenge, add more intensity on the choruses in the song.

Other ways to use music:

Sing Along:
This will really help keep your thoughts focused and prevent boredom. Whether you sing out loud or to yourself, it will have the same effect and bring your mind into a single point of concentration.

Try changing drills each time you start a new song. This will promote a variety of drills and help you achieve ongoing goals in your workout.


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