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La Dolce Vita on 2 Wheels


There’s a ride for every level of cyclist at the Belvedere Bike Hotel in Riccione, Italy.

Italy's Belvedere Bike Hotel rolls true for every cyclist

By Deanna Regan
Photography courtesy Hotel Belvedere in Riccione

No longer content to sit on a beach, with lethargy and sand sticking to my thighs, I dreamed of accomplishing something on a vacation. Not that I don’t like the idea of sitting on a beach, the fact is, I only like it for an hour. Then I need to move.


Riding the Tsunami Effect


A boat grounded by the 2004 tsunami sits 2K inland from the Thailand coast.

Bike trek Discovery reveals signs of tragedy and hope

By BJ Oudman
Photography by BJ Oudman and Tourism Authority of Thailand, painting by Jakrapong Thongsongsom

The brightness of the white canvas caught my eye as I wheeled around the corner on my bike, trying to keep up with our cycling leader, Pit, as we toured through the narrow roads of the tiny village of Bang Nai Si on Thailand’s west coast.


Made in Taiwan

JA2015 Taiwan 1

TAIPEI 101 held the record for the tallest building in the world from 2004 to 2010.

Asian Economic Powerhouse Making its Mark on Fitness World

By Chris Welner, Photography by Chris Welner and Kenji Sugata

It’s Friday after school and the gym at Hong Doa Junior High in Taipei is filled with students in yellow and blue gym strip, skipping ropes in a ballet of precision and aerobic endurance. They have been waiting for a guest from Canada to demonstrate a routine they will perform at the upcoming city championship.


Squamish: Adventure Heaven

Squamish Chief

Squamish Alive with Outdoor Adventures

By Louise Hodgson-Jones
Photography by Bob Young, Destination B.C. and Tourism Squamish

The New York Times named Squamish as one of the top 52 Places to Go in 2015. Indeed, this once small railway and logging town has come a long way. The self-styled Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada – just an hour from Vancouver – offers an abundance of activities for adventure junkies everywhere, as IMPACT got to discover on a recent promotional weekend hosted by Chevrolet.