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The Skinny on Booze

Alcohol Lead

Yu in the Zu is a cocktail filled with healthy ingredients and is served at The Coup in Calgary.

If you’re going to drink, here are ways to fight the effects of alcohol on your body

By BJ Oudman
Photography by Chris Welner

I want lean legs. I really, really do. But if having legs like Paula Radcliffe’s requires no longer quaffing a craft beer on a summer afternoon or sipping on a creatively concocted cocktail before dinner, I will have to accept imperfection. I admit, I am weak, or maybe just like most who value fitness, but also partaking in pleasures of the drink.


Fabulous Functional Fitness


Gym time that helps you get the most out of every hour in the week

By Simon Taylor and Peter Twist
Photography by Todd Duncan

To perform our best in life and in sport, we need a body that works. This means being able to move through a complete range of motion and withstand loading in multiple planes of movement, pain free. Most of us feel great if we manage to squeeze three workouts into a week, but what are we doing in that time? Clients are constantly asking their coaches to crush them, hoping to burn max calories in the three hours per week they have in the gym.


Canada’s Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2015


High intensity training, functional fitness and training for older adults top list in new 2015 canfitpro survey

Images courtesy canfitpro

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), functional fitness and older adult training programs are the leading fitness trends in 2015 and have the greatest impact on the health, fitness and wellness of Canadians, according to nearly 2,000 fitness professionals who responded to the first national Canadian Fitness Professionals (canfitpro) fitness trends survey.


Lean, Mean & Green


6 Ways To Make Your Fitness More Planet Friendly

By Leor Rotchild
Illustration by Kara Pyle

I started weight training as a way to spend time with my professional bodybuilder older brother. He ate enough tuna, steak and pasta to feed a starving village before we jumped into his gas-guzzling sports car to go workout in an air-conditioned gym and pour back countless sports drinks. I challenged him to find ways to green up our workouts and he agreed, so long as it did not disrupt his rigorous training regime.


Plyo Power


JUMP to the next level of fitness

By Sally Leung
Photography by LA Wade

Reached a plateau? Bored with your current routine? Want to kick it up a notch? Then it’s time to challenge yourself with plyometrics.


Tone Your Brain


10 Techniques to tone your cerebellum

By Adele Tevlin

We spend a lot of time trying to whip our bodies into shape, but what about training our brains and minds to reach our ultimate health goals? Truth is, our bodies are simply physical manifestations of our thoughts. The state of your body is a reflection of the state of your mind.