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Crank up the Megaburn with Lagree

Fitness Lagree2

Star trainer’s method sets muscles on fire

By Chris Welner; Photography courtesy Lagree YYC

The first time you step on a Lagree Method Megaformer, the platform begins to inch apart like the San Andreas fault line. As you sink deep into a lunge in slow motion, the core tightens, glutes and quads engage and you channel enough energy to prevent California from falling into the Pacific, or at least enough to prevent falling though the Megaformer.


Core of the Issue

Workout Core2

Upper body strength training will kick up your run game

By Andrew Cleary; Photography by Dave Laus; Athlete: Nichelle Laus

There’s no doubt a runner needs strong legs, but building a strong upper body, particularly your core will go a long way toward increasing endurance, lowering times and reducing recovery from long days of training and racing.


Weighting Game

Workout Weighting2

Time to build strength, lose fat and gain speed

By Philip Ndugga; Photography by Charles Hope

Many people get into a running program to lose weight. This high-intensity workout has been designed for people who want to lose fat, increase strength and reach their fitness goals fast. It’s a perfect complement to your running program.


4 Secret Skills That Unlock Your Potential


Mental prep that makes you a better athlete

Story and Photography by Bryce Barry

From a life spent in pursuit of athletic gains and extensive interviews with the best athletes in the world, these are the skills I know are worth perfecting. Improve on one or all of these and whatever your sport or passion, you’ll level up. Because unlike natural talent and potential, there is unlimited room for growth. And growth always yields gains.