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100 Gran

MJ16 Fitness 100Gran 1

Get race ready to ride a fondo in 8 weeks

By Tanya Dubnicoff; Photography by Neil Zeller

Cycling can bring you joy and pain, very often together in the same ride. A big milestone is riding 100 kilometres in one go, but training to ride 100K solo is very different from training to race, or participate in, a gran fondo.


The Ryan Atkins Workout

MJ16 RyanAtkins3

Get your OCR game in shape

By Chris Welner, Workout by Ryan Atkins; Photography by Fred Webster

If you want to race like Ryan Atkins, you have to start by working out like Ryan Atkins. Here’s the kind of work the King of OCR does to keep race ready. It’s a good, quick OCR simulation workout that you can do almost anywhere.


Crank up the Megaburn with Lagree

Fitness Lagree2

Star trainer’s method sets muscles on fire

By Chris Welner; Photography courtesy Lagree YYC

The first time you step on a Lagree Method Megaformer, the platform begins to inch apart like the San Andreas fault line. As you sink deep into a lunge in slow motion, the core tightens, glutes and quads engage and you channel enough energy to prevent California from falling into the Pacific, or at least enough to prevent falling though the Megaformer.